we picked up our new baby yesterday and couldn't be happier!! Jeanette was very responsive throughout the who process and would send new pictures and videos of our girl every week since the day she was born. I would 100% recommend them anyone.

nikki kay

Jeanette is the best!! Her Rottweilers are A1 pure bread beauties!
She has kept in constant touch with me by sending me photos and videos of our baby boy everyday since his birth!!
When you buy a pup from Space Coast Rottweilers, you become part of the family ♥️2

shannon kirkpatrick

I am Very Grateful for (Ms. Jeanette ) this Breeder. From the very first contact with her, I knew this is where I was Supposed to get our Newest family Member from. She took the time to get to know me and my family before committing and trusting us with one of her babies. She also matched my 9yr old son and our 6yr old border collie with the perfect temperament companion that we named “NOVA” Thank You Ms. Jeanette! We will Highly recommend you as a Breeder and an Awesome Human Being:)

robert myers

We get compliments on our dog Hadley on her temperament and conformation all the time. I have a friend who is waiting for a pup from the same female and male our dog came from. To me that speaks volumes! When we are ready for another one. Space Coast is the ONLY breeder we will consider.

gay pettenger

Got a wonderful puppy from Jeanette and have not regretted it once. Our Hadley has the best temperament and is all about the lovin’.

ed pavey

We’ve had our female Rottweiler for about 5 months now and couldn’t be happier. Jeanette is extremely knowledgeable of her dogs. She loves them with all her heart. She answered any and every question I had, would give updates and made us feel welcomed and like family once we got there. Her Rottweilers are pure perfection and we get compliments on ours everywhere we go! Highly recommend!!

megan rogers

We adopted our puppy, Dexter, son of Elly and Falcon, a couple weeks ago and we could not be happier! His disposition is wonderful, he is well behaved, and he is incredibly sweet. This is our first puppy and Jeanette has been amazing throughout the whole process. She helped us pick the best puppy for our family, and has been super knowledgeable and helpful for all of our puppy and Rottweiler questions. It is very apparent how much they truly care for their dogs and puppies, I can’t recommend Space Coast Rottweilers enough!

Katrina Hite

5 Stars!!!!! We love our new puppy. Jeanette takes amazing are of ALL of her dogs. It is evident they are all well loved as well as trained! We Rottie owners know the importance of good training with these big, beautiful beasts and she doesn't cut any corners. She cares about who her dogs are placed with! Our family strongly recommends Space Coast Rottweilers if you looking for a beautiful, well mannered, well bred Rottweiler.

Alison Marini

Picked up our baby rottweiller after 35 years of always wanting one. I was one that was personally scammed on my journey of finding our perfect rottie. Then finally found SCR. They were so kind and understanding of my paranoia from being scammed. I had come across many many many so to speak breeders claiming full german rottweiler status. With poor dogs and puppies that were only looked at for money. Here at SCR their rottie family ARE their family. They are well taken care of and truly loved. And at the same time producing beautiful German Rottweilers. I cannot express how thankful I am to be a part of their family now with our perfect rottie baby from the Bella Falcon litter. I highly recommend Space Coast Rottweilers. and TY for the most amazing baby our little King Kane.

Michelle Hawthorne Jarrell

We just picked up Lula from Jeanette and I truly cannot say enough how fantastic this best experience has been..Quality is impeccable, we would highly recommend..Thanks to Jeanette and Space Coast Rottweiler.

Ruth Hilerio-Altreche

We have our second with Spacecoast Rottweilers and both have been amazing pups! A great temperment and with a last pick boy, and a first pick boy i can say with confidence that the whole litter, no matter which pick you get is perfect!

                                          Anne Donahue

OMG Space Coast Rottweilers are the absolute BEST!!!! All of their Rotties are beautiful and extremely taken care of. They are all family. Speaking & dealing with them was great. We are thrilled with our new puppy . We have had several Rotties in the past and this was the best experience we have had we highly recommend them if looking for a perfect Rottweiler!

Linda Cox

We have had the best experience with Space Coast Rottweilers! The owner is knowledgeable and offers lifetime help if you ever have questions. She was welcoming of visits while our puppy was with her and helps makes you feel part of the Rottweiler family.

Hannah Bissett

We would highly recommend Space Coast Rottweilers. Stunning top quality pups and the parents are on site and amazing! Well socialized and super friendly Rotties. Great owner and facility, thank you so much Space Coast Rotties. 5 Stars!

Dee Garcia